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UV Lens from Optical Components Manufacturer
UV Lenses
AOI supplies UV Grade Lenses using research grade synthetic Fused Silica. Our synthetic Fused Silica Lenses offer excellent transmission characteristic and high operating temperatures. All lenses are available with optional broad band anti reflection coating for optimized transmission in the ultra violet region. We offer the lowest prices and guarantee to beat all legitimate quotes from any of our catalog competitors.

Achromats are two optical components cemented together which are optimized to correct for on axis spherical and chromatic abberation. AOI supplies stock and custom made Achromats in various sizes and focal lengths. Our prices are extremely competitive and in most cases beat our catalog competitor's prices by 25% or more. Doublets Lens from Optical Components Manufacturer
Achromats - Doublets

Ball Lenses from Optical Components Manufacturer
Ball Lenses
Unlike other suppliers our Ball Lenses are offered with uniform coatings over the entire surface area of the lens. Full Surface Area Coating means that mounting the lens is never a concern. In addition, our Dual Band A/R Coating provides greater than 99.8% Transmission @ 1310 & 1550nm. This results in insertion loss better than 0.030db making our lenses ideal for all Fiber Optics Telecommunication applications.

UV Grade Fused Silica Window: AOI supplies coated & uncoated UV Grade Synthetic Fused Silica Window & Excimer Grade Fused Silica Windows for superior transmission characteristics. Our prices are extremely competitive in comparison to other suppliers with better surface quality and parallelism. We also supply stock & custom made Windows made with BK7, Sapphire, B270 & Borosilicate materials. Fused Silica Windows Lens from Optical Components Manufacturer
Fused Silica Windows

Aspheric Condensor Lens from Optical Components Manufacturer
Glass Aspheric Condenser Lenses
Align Optics has perfected a proprietory process for low cost polishing of Glass Aspheric Condenser Lenses ideal for High Efficiency Illumination Systems. Our Glass Condenser Lens offers better performance in Image Quality, Transmission, and Surface Quality as compared to the traditional Plastic molded option. Typical uses for these lenses are Stage Lighting Equipment and other related Industries.