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Ball Lenses

Ball Lenses from Optical Components Manufacturer
Ball Lenses
Unlike other suppliers our Ball Lenses are offered with uniform coatings over the entire surface area of the lens. Full Surface Area Coating means that mounting the lens is never a concern. In addition, our Dual Band A/R Coating provides greater than 99.8% Transmission @ 1310 & 1550nm. This results in insertion loss better than 0.030db making our lenses ideal for all Fiber Optics Telecommunication applications.

General Ball Lens Specifications:

Size: 0.2mm to 50mm
Dia Tol: +0/-3um
Sphericity: +/-0.1um
Surface Quality: 40-20
Material: Fused Silica, Quartz, BK-7, SF-8, Sapphire, LaSFN9, LaH78, Ruby
Coatings A/R, Single Layer, Multi Layer, Broad Band, Narrow Band, Dual Band, Si02 Silicon Dioxide and more.

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