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Telecom Optics & Coatings

The Booming Telecommunication Industry knows no boundaries and we realize and understand the specific demands of our Telecom Customers. We specialize in and constantly exceed customer expectations for Low Reflectance Dual Band (1310 & 1550nm) Anti Reflection Coatings for the Telecom Wavelengths.

Dual Band A/R Coating @ 1310 & 1550nm R<0.25% Transmission 99.8% or better.

Product Offerings: Telecom Optics and Coatings from Optical Components Manufacturer
  • Ball Lenses (starting from 200um and larger in variety of materials)
  • Fiber Pigtails (Coated & UnCoated)
  • Waveplates (Zerodur or Multiorder)
  • Etalons (Solid & Air Spaced)
  • TAP Filters
  • TIR Optics
  • WDM Optics
  • Beamsplitters
  • Mirrors
  • Wedges
  • Micro Lenses
  • Micro Prisms
  • Beam Displacers

Telecom Coatings:
  • A/R Coatings on Fiber Pigtails (C and/or L Band)
  • Long Wave Pass (R@1310nm, T@1550nm)
  • Short Wave Pass (R@1550nm, T@1310nm)
  • Reflector Coatings
  • EDFA Equalizer Coatings