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Optical Components & Coatings - Custom

AOI offers a complete line of Stock optical components and Custom optics & components that span the spectrum from UV to IR. From Prototypes to Production runs our Optics is ideally used for Medical, Military, Space and all related OEM applications.

optical -- (of or relating to or involving light or optics; "optical supplies")

component -- constituent, element, factor, ingredient -- (an abstract part of something)

OEM -- original equipment manufacturer

Optical Components -- Equipment or components used in the creation, manipulation, or detection of light.

Spherical, Aspheric, Cylindrical, Singlets, Doublets, Triplets, Rod Lenses, Ball Lenses, Collimating Lenses, Condenser Lenses, UV Lenses, Projection Lenses, Fresnel Lenses, CCD Micro Video Lenses.
Right Angle, Penta, Amici, Roof Penta, Corner Cube, Dove, Wedge Prisms, Equilateral Micro Prisms and more.
Mirror Type, Dichroic Cube, Polorizing Cube, Variable Density.
Sapphire Windows, UV Fused Silica Windows, BK-7 Windows, Float Glass Conductive Window and more.
Spherical Mirrors, Flat Mirrors, Cylindrical Mirrors, Elliptical Mirrors, Parabolic Mirrors, First Surface Mirrors, Hot & Cold Mirrors, Metallic Coated Mirrors
Interference Filters, Band Pass Filters, Dichroic Filters, Polorizing Filters, Neutral Density Filters.
Linear Scales, Grid Scales, Circular Scales, Multi Scales, Resolution Targets, Etched & Filled, Coated and UnCoated, Loose or Assembled
Optical Assemblies
Miniature to Large Eyepieces, Objectives, Relay, Microscope, Wide Angle, Tele Photo, Laser, X-Ray, Projection, Magnifiers, Micro Video CCD Lenses, Telecentric Lens Assy, Zoom Lens Assy, Video Lenses. Performance tested for MTF, Image Distortion, Effective and Back Focal Length, Transmission, Field of View and more.
Custom Coatings
Anti Reflection, Single Layer, Multi Layer, Broad Band, Narrow Band, Dual Band, High Reflective, Dichroic, Dielectric, Beam-Splitter, Si02, Metallic - Aluminum, Silver, Gold with enhanced and protective overcoats. Our Chambers utilize E Beam, ION Assist, ION Sputtering, and resistive evaporation techniques. We incorporate the best technology and design experience to achieve enhanced performance.

Please call to discuss your specific coating requirements.
Optical Components Specifications:
Size: 0.2mm to 400mm & more
Angular Accuracy: <1 arc seconds
Beam Deviation: <5 arc second
Wave Front: <Lambda/20
Flatness: <lambda/30
Centering: <10 arc seconds
Surface Quality: 5-2 or better