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AP12--BK7 High Standard Right Angle Prisms

Material: BK7 grade A optical glass Common Standard Right Angle Prism Diagram
Dimension: +0.1mm
Flatness: λ/4 @632.8nm
Surface Quality: 40/20 scratch and dig
Angle Tolerance: +30 arc seconds
Pyramid Error: less than 10 arc minutes
Bevel: 0.2~0.5mmX45o
Coatings: without coating

Catalog No. Dimension
AP12-001 A=B=C=1.0
AP12-002 A=B=C=2.0
AP12-005 A=B=C=5.0
AP12-006 A=B=C=6.3
AP12-010 A=B=C=10.0
AP12-012 A=B=C=12.5
AP12-015 A=B=C=15.0
AP12-020 A=B=C=20.0
AP12-025 A=B=C=25.0
AP12-030 A=B=C=30.0
AP12-040 A=B=C=40.0
AP12-050 A=B=C=50.0
Note: 1: Catalogue prisms are supplied without coating.
2: We can coat according to customer's requirements.
3: Custom and OEM requirements are always welcome.